My name is Emiliano Allocco. I've been in love with photography for 10 years; yes, it was quite a long approach, but when the spark struck, love for this form of art overwhelmed me. Since I strongly bound this passion with the equally big passion for travelling, a strong, shiny lamp was turned on above my inspiration: "Travel Photography", this is what i like do more than everything else!
Curiosity, the desire to discover other ways of living, places and unknown civilizations, brings me, together with my biggest source of inspirations, my wife Elisa, to plan several trips, everyone to be lived with the camera always ready to catch all the precious moments of magic which only who travel knows so well. We have visited the most of Europe,but it is in the South East of Asia where my soul, the blunt one, the forthright one, unconditioned from the everyday life, is completely at ease, free to build itself with little bricks made of beauty that I can live there everyday, and that I try to illustrate with my pictures.




Emiliano Allocco
via San Giacomo, 4
12064 - La Morra (CN)


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